Who we are and what is driving us

We are a start-up minority business enterprise (MBE) – set up for the good of the public – pro bono publico.

We are an Illinois Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to equitable deployment and accelerating the transition to clean renewable energy (Net Zero) –– stated goals of the United Nations, select national, state and Environmental-Social-and Governance (ESG)-oriented organizations.

We are a socially conscious company bent on addressing one of the monumental challenges (global warming) of our time by partaking in the Quest for Net Zero 2030 and beyond – by equitably accelerating the deployment, the transition to clean-renewable energy – particularly as they affect Disadvantaged, Underserved and or Communities of Color and their institutions (Communities).

  • Our vision is to gradually increase the adoption, integration and participation of these Communities in the clean-renewable energy space;
  • For members of these Communities to become, in practical ways, beneficiaries, integral participants and owners of clean energy-related companies (economic integration/participation);
  • We subscribe to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the world’s shared plan to end  extreme poverty, reduce inequality, and protect the planet by 2030; finally
  • As American leadership on the SDGs continues, our approach is through partnerships – forming strategic alliance/collaboration with select EPCs, ESG – oriented companies, federal, state, local agencies and community intermediaries in meeting this quest for Net Zero.

Our capabilities center around program management – over 30 years of structuring, implementing and managing complex projects involving public, private partnership (PPA) in community/sustainable housing development and EV charging infrastructure deployment.

We are an Equity Eligible Contractor (EEC – Approved Vendor) in the Illinois Shines Program. Illinois Shines, legislatively known as the Adjustable Block Program, supports the development of on-site solar (distributed generation) as well as community solar projects.


1718 Greenwood Street Evanston, IL 60201-4035
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